• Music Tastes Good 2016-Current
    Design Director / Animator / Web Developer
  • Park The Van Records 2005-2014
    Web & Print Designer / Creative Lead / Domain Admin
  • Cornerstone R.A.S. 2003-2007
    Web & Print Designer / Domain Admin
  • DIW Magazine 2003-2004
    Web Designer
  • Freelance / Laserblood 2003-Present
    John Lee Hooker
    Defend New Orleans
    Gulf Coast Restoration Network
    MVD (Music Video Distributors)
    Circle Jerks
    Bad Brains
    Pigeon John
    Scott H. Biram
    Dr. Dog
    The Spinto Band
    The Teeth
    National Eye
    Golden Boots
    Living Legends
    Legendary Music
    Trixie & The Tree Trunks
    Vans Warped Tour / Girlz Garage

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